Sweet Almond Oil Uses for Your Face

Sweet almond oil for face care is commonly used in cosmetic and natural health care industries. The reason is that it produces positive results for a number of conditions affecting facial skin, such as acne.

When used as a facial scrub, it can be mixed with either a small amount of salt or sugar and gently rubbed into the skin to help exfoliate the skin cells, open the pores and remove dead skin as well as any dirt trapped in the layers of the skin.

After a gentle scrub, either a warm cloth or steam, properly used, can be applied for a few minutes to help to remove the oil from the face. This type of treatment should only be done by someone who is trained in the proper care of facial skin to prevent any possibility of burning.

As a gentle cleanser, almond oil works well for faces ranging from dry to oily because dry skin readily absorbs the oil and it also mixes easily with the natural oils found in people with oily faces.

Again, the oil is gently rubbed into the skin and allowed to rest for a few minutes before applying either steam or a warm, soft cloth to absorb the oil. Then another dry, soft cloth can be used to remove the excess oil and leave a clean, fresh face which looks and feels much better.

Almond oil is often used under the eyes in the treatment of dark circles and because almond oil is so gentle on all parts of the face, salves and balms are often used for the lips.