Sweet Almond Oil Uses for Your Skin

Of all of the sweet almond oil uses, one of the most popular is for overall skin care. There are many ways to use it and probably the best known is when using it for massage.

Massage therapists often use the oil either by itself or mixed with other essential oils. It is inexpensive, is absorbed fairly easily and works well with a wide variety of skin types.

The natural product contains vitamins A, B, D and E as well as some Omega 3 fatty acids which enhance the health of the skin. Spa and personal care therapists use the it for manicures and pedicures to help soften and restore the skin.

And for years now, women all over the world have found that the daily use of almond oil for stretch marks often helps to reduce or even eliminate the marks entirely as the skin stretches during pregnancy.

People who make homemade facial masks often create their own custom product by adding other ingredients to get their own desired effect for skin care.

Because of the number of other products that can be blended with it, new ways to use sweet almond oil for the skin are being developed all of the time and some of these low-cost products start at just a few dollars per bottle.